~ * Help Spread the Word about Myth Magic! * ~
We are so excited that you have a passion for spreading Kan'Nal's music to the world!  Our online street team works like this:
  - Tell your friends and web network about Myth Magic and direct them to go to www.kannal.org, write some blog reviews about the album, or help promote the album anywhere you can think of.]
Here is the link to a 5-song sample mp3 ~ (sample) ~ to get you started. Please send it to everyone you know and post it everywhere you can!
E-mail a little Myth Magic  to everyone you know
 - Tell us what you have done by emailing kannal@kannal.org so we can verify it.
 - We will send you links for free downloads, including unreleased tracks and other surprises to express our gratitude for letting everyone know how much you love Kan'Nal! 
 Some ideas for posting:
* your personal email list
* your professional email list
* myspace
* facebook
* tribe
* linked-in
* youtube
* blogs
* online journals
* music reviews
* we welcome other suggestions from you
If you need graphics, photos, music samples or text to post, please email kannal@kannal.org and we will get you what we can.
To join our street team, please contact us: kannal@kannal.org and write "street team" in the subject line.  Thank you for your support!!

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